10 Meters Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt


The GT2 6mm width open end Belt and GT2 20 Teeth Pulley combination is the best of the best possible belt & pulley combo for all  MendleMax and all Reprap variant 3D Printers. And it is less prone to backlash due to the way the rounded teeth mesh up.

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The Open-Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt material is made of Neoprene Rubber, Fiberglass Reinforced. Hence, is perfect for all types of 3D Printers and other automation requests.

Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt Features

  • Type: 2GT-6mm
  • GT2 Pitch: 2mm
  • Belt Height: 1.38mm
  • Tooth Height: 0.75mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Quantity: 10 meters
  • Width: 6mm
  • Shape: Open timing belt