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3D Printer Pneumatic Connectors PC4-01 1.75mm -M10 for J-Head

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The Pneumatic Straight Fitting is a connector that connect the guiding tube and feed protector. Also help to guide filament into your 3D printer without any disturbance.

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3D Printer Pneumatic Connectors PC4-01 1.75mm Description

  • Connects to the V5/6 J-Head
  • Compatible with 4mm outer diameter/2mm inner diameter tubes
  • M10 Threading
  • Designed for Polyurethane or Nylon tubing
  • Made from nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance
  • Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely
  • Elliptical release ring help to connect tube easily by manual, no special tools required
  • Outside (and Inside where applicable) hexagonal wrench tightening