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All Metal 3D Printer Left Hand Bowden Extruder Kit

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3D Printer Left Hand Bowden Extruder All Metal is responsible for sending the correct amount of filament to the hot end. In the hot end, it’s melted and extruded down in thin layers to make your part.

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Firstly, when talking about 3D Printer Left Hand Bowden Extruder Kit, it’s important to note that the extruder is not the same as the hot end. Still, most makers conflate these terms. Hence, we usually refer to the extruder as the “cold end” because the filament is “cold” when it passes through the extruder on the way to the hot end.

All Metal 3D Printer Left Hand Bowden Extruder Kit Features

  • All metal body
  • Left-hand configuration
  • Comes with required gear and pulley
  • Note 1: The kit doesn’t include the motor
  • Note 2: The kit doesn’t include pneumatic connectors

Bowden Extruder Setup

Check the attached video in the video section.