Ceiling Light with Motion Sensor


The Ceiling Type Sensorlight with 360° Motion Sensor is a great asset for home lighting automation. This unit can easily detect the motion and turn the light ON accordingly then the light will turn off after a certain period if no additional motion is detected.

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Ceiling Light with Motion Sensor General Features

  • Saving power cost
  • No lighting switch
  • Control lighting during day light
  • Control lighting time
  • Lighting load 80 watts
  • Switching on/off light Automatically
  • Easy mounting on the surface
  • High quality Turkish product

Usage Areas

  • At the building entrances, stair vestibules.
  • At the long halls within the flats and bathroom
  • At the parking garage, companies, restaurants, .. etc.
  • At the requisite locations within the hotels flats, schools, hospitals, … etc.


Additional information

Weight500 g


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