Ceiling Mounted Type Motion Sensor 360° – 9 m


Ceiling Mounted Type Motion Sensor is for smart homes and smart offices. It detects motion automatically and it turns on lightings connected in addition to alarm triggering relay.

Digital microprocessor sensor technology provides perfect detection.

Can be used for security propose and alarm triggering.

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Ceiling Mounted Type Motion Sensor General Features

  • Saving the maximum power cost
  • Auto switching on/off light
  • Control lighting during day light
  • Control lighting time
  • Detection range 9M
  • Lighting load Max 1000W incandescent
  • Lighting load Max 400W fluorescent
  • No lighting switch
  • Very important for children
  • It can be connected to alarm and use for security propose
  • Made in Turkey


  • At the building entrances, stair vestibules.
  • At the long halls within the flats villas and bathroom
  • At the parking, companies, restaurants, .. etc.
  • At the requisite locations within the hotels flats, schools, hospitals, … etc.


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Weight400 g


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