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DC Motor with Straight Shaft Gearbox + Wheel


This DC Motor is equipped with a gearbox to increase the torque in a small package and hooks directly into the wheel with no need for couplers which makes it ideal for DIY enthusiasts and suited for use in a mobile robot car.

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This Smart Car Robot Plastic DC 3V-6V Drive Gear Motor with tire with DC motor reducer, single axis, with DC 3-6V operating voltage and a RPM of 90R / minute, this gear box is applied for tracing car or robot. With plastic construction and colored in bright yellow.

It is worth noting for beginners that this motor can NOT be directly connected to Arduino boards or most of the embedded boards out there and needs a DC motor driver for the connection. The reason behind that, most of the embedded boards output supports a range between 20 and 40 milliAmps, while DC motors usually draw currents above 150 milliAmps, so a direct contact without a driver will cause the Arduino board or similar embedded systems to get burnet.

DC Motor Specifications

  • Voltage: 5vdc
  • No Load RPM: 90 +/- 10
  • No Load Current: 190mA (max.250mA)
  • Minimum Torque: 800
  • Shaft length: 7mm double-flat (one side)
  • Size: 70.5x27x23 mm

Wheel Specifications

  • Outer dia of wheel: 65mm
  • Width: 28mm
  • Internal Axe Diameter: 3.7×5.3mm
  • External Axe Diameter: 13.8mm

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