3D Printer PCB Heatbed MK2B with Cable + LED


Are you building a RepRap 3D Printer? If so, you’ll be needing one of these MK2B Heated Beds. It’s compatible with 12V and 24V. Please keep in mind these get hot; allow them to cool before touching!

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PCB Heatbed MK2B heat up uniformly and prevent ABS from warping during larger prints. These boards are power hungry and consume around 120W when heating up!

PCB Heatbed MK2B Specification

  • Dimensions: 214mmx 214mm
  • Laminate FR4 1.6 ±0.15mm
  • Red Soldermask – both sides
  • White Silkscreen – both sides
  • Power Input: 12V or 24v
  • Resistance between 1.0-1.4 ohm (12V) or 3-5 ohm (24V)

Additional information

Weight100 g