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Single Channel 220V-30A 5V Relay Active High/Low Configurable


A 30 Amps one-way relay with the ability to choose high level or low level signal trigger, and only 3 ma current drive for 30A relay and controllability.

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This is an excellent relay that can operate 220V loads with up to 30A current draw. One of the excellent functions that distinguishes this relay from other similar relays in the market is the ability to configure Active High or Active Low operation mode.

220V-30A 5V Relay Active High/Low Configurable Specifications

  • Original Songle relay module
  • Maximum load: AC250V 30A ; DC30V 30A
  • Two-way isolation optical coupling, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance;Trigger current only 3 mA
  • Active High/Active Low configurable via voltage level connected to the VREF:
    • VREF connected to Vcc: Active Low
    • VREF connected to GND: Active High
  • Standard interface that you can control directly by microcontroller (Arduino , 8051, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, ARM, MSP430, TTL logic)
  • Indication LED’s for Relay output status

Required Hardware Devices

  • Arduino controller × 1
  • USB data cable × 1
  • 1 relay module × 1


  • Arduino digital pin 10 –> module pin CH1
  • Arduino GND –> module pin DC-
  • Arduino +5V –> module pin DC+
  • Module VREF –> Arduino GND (To operate as Active High)


//KY019 5V relay module
int relay = 10; // relay turns trigger signal - active high;
void setup ()
  pinMode (relay, OUTPUT); // Define port attribute is output;
void loop ()
  digitalWrite (relay, HIGH); // relay conduction;
  delay (1000);
  digitalWrite (relay, LOW); // relay switch is turned off;
  delay (1000);

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