Stepper Motor Driver TB6560 – 3A


The Stepper Motor Driver TB6560 is a reliable 3 Amps driver with high accuracy and stable operation. Also, very easy to use and simple to connect.

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The TB6560 Stepper Motor driver is very easy to use. Hence, you need no special instructions to operate it. Furthermore, all the required information are marked on the board.With large heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation

Also, the TB6560 comes with a large heatsink to ensure good heat dissipation. Consequently, board longer life and smoother operation.

Because of the optocoupler isolation, guarantee not losing steps with high-speed data transmission.

Stepper Motor Drivers TB6560 Specifications

  • Working voltage :DC 10V-35V.Recommend Switching Power Supply DC24V
  •  6N137 high-speed OptoCoupler , to ensure a high speed without a step out.
  •  New Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip, low-voltage shutdown, of overheating parking and an over-current protection circuit to ensure optimal performance.
  •  Rated output: ± 3A  ,peak 3.5A.
  •  For 42,57,86 Stepper within 3A  2/4 -phase / 4 wire / 6 wire stepper motor, not fit for more than 3A stepper motor.
  •  Automatic half-decay.
  •  Excitation Mode: synchronizing, half step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, a maximum of 16 segments.

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