TCRT5000L Photoelectric Reflection Sensor

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The TCRT5000L and TCRT5000 are reflective sensors which include an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. The package includes two mounting clips. TCRT5000L is the long lead version.

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The TCRT5000L IR sensor with socket is reflective sensors which include an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. With a 5 VDC power, it can be used as a reflective type IR sensor for mobile robot or any simple control system.


  • Package type: leaded
  • Detector type: phototransistor
  • Dimensions(LxWxHinmm):10.2×5.8×7
  • Peak operating distance: 2.5 mm
  • Operating range within >20% relative collector current: 0.2 mm to 15 mm
  • Typical output current under test: IC = 1 mA
  • Daylight blocking filter
  • Emitter wavelength: 950 nm


  • Position sensor for shaft encoder
  • Detection of reflective material such as paper, IBM cards, magnetic tapes etc.
  • Limit switch for mechanical motions in CNC and similar applications
  • Line follower robots and micro robots
  • General purpose – wherever the space is limited

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