THSL-300-8D Lead Screw Length 300mm with Copper Nut


A leadscrew (or lead screw), also known as a power screw or translation screw, is a screw used as a linkage in a machine, to translate turning motion into linear motion.

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The THSL-300-8D Lead Screw is an improvement over M8 threaded rod due to a substantially lower backlash, though the change in lead means that you will need to rebuild firmware to adjust the number of steps per mm relative to the 1.25mm M8 lead in case you are upgrading from M8 lead.

Note that the flanged nuts included in the set will not directly replace M8 hex nuts, so if you are replacing M8 rod in a 3D printer you will probably have to modify your printer to work with the flanged nuts.

THSL-300-8D Lead Screw Specifications

  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Lead: 8mm
  • Length: 300mm